The BA (Hons) in 投注官网 provides students with a solid foundation in the linguistic, literary and cultural aspects of the 投注官网 language and competence in translating and interpreting between 投注官网 and Chinese.

It achieves this through the four fields of studies:

·         Literature 

·         Linguistics 

·         Cultural Studies

·         Translation 



Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the programme are:

  • To strengthen productive skills in written and spoken 投注官网;
  • To provide broad educational exposure which encourages bilingual competence and multicultural sensitivity and development;
  • To stimulate intellectual growth through providing an educationally generalist programme;
  • To encourage student exploration of cultural heritages through critical analyses of 投注官网 language and literatures in 投注官网;
  • To initiate students to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge in the hybrid, web-like and complex 21st century.

Students need to complete 124 credits in the five components of the degree:

Language Courses

8 credits

Departmental Core courses

59 credits

Departmental Electives

30 credits

General Education courses

12 credits

Free Electives

15 credits


124 credits


Free electives

The 15 Free Elective credits can be used to complete a Minor in another subject such as Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Chinese Language & Literature, History, and Journalism & Mass Communication


Education Bureau Recognition

The BA (Hons) in 投注官网 is a recognised by the Education Bureau as a Language Major degree providing relevant subject knowledge exempting graduates from the written papers of the Language Proficiency Assessment (LPR) for Teachers of 投注官网. Graduates who wish to pursue a career in 投注官网 language teaching should complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) programme majoring in 投注官网 within three years of taking up employment as an 投注官网 teacher in order to be fully exempted from the LPR and fully qualified as a teacher.